Ingredient of the day: Thai Chilli Sauce

20 Jun

Sriracha Sauce (Thai Chilli Sauce)

Sri-Racha Sauce

 The word Sriracha is NOT a Thai word for Chilli sauce, in fact it comes from a brand of  Thai Chilli Sauce called Sriracha Panich, but we Thai would just called any brand of the Chilli Sauce Sriracha anyway. 

The main ingredients for the sauce are Chilli, vinegar, sugar, salt and garlic.  It is best to dip with seafood,  fried meat and of course  the thai omlette ( Kai-Jiew).   Although I’ve discovered recently that it also goes well with Chinese cold noodles.

My grandmother was the one who discovered this brand of Sri-racha sauce a few years ago.  I forgot the whole story of discovery but this brand of Sriracha sauce is not sold in any of the supermarkets, and thanks to her this brand of Sriracha is now very popular amongst my mother friends and now, my friends.  We would just order them in bulks, enough for few families to share.

When I went back to Thailand from Beijing a few months ago, my grandfather went to get two bottles of the sauce in Chinatown along with some chinese sausages and crispy pork for me,  I brought them over and eventually gave a bottle to my best friend, Patrick who lives in Guangzhou with his partner.  Few days later, I got a called from Patrick saying that his partner, who is an Italian loved it so much and finished the whole bottle within a few days!

When I asked him how could his partner managed to finished the whole bottle so quicky, the reply was that the sauce was put on everything his partner ate,  bread, pasta, rice… basically EVERYTHING.

That,  I find very interesting.

More information on Sriracha can be found on Wikipedia 


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